About Us

Who we are and what we do

Digital Fuse have over 12 years experience in design and development. From WordPress website design – with expertise in layout and usability – through to coding, full development and integration as well as providing hosting services. Our designs are considered and researched, our code is carefully written and we’re also personable. We’ll chat with you to see how best we can help and find out exactly what your goals and requirements are for your business.

Nathan Luther Digital Fuse

Nathan Luther

BA (Hons) – Digital Media Design

I’ve always been hugely passionate about technology, coding and how systems work. At Lewes College I enrolled on an E-Media B-TEC course in 2006 due to my interest in creative software and technology. Here I was exposed to the key principles of web design, photo editing, graphic design and animation. I was also very fortunate to meet my future business partner Mark. We both excelled in our course in the first year earning distinctions, which led to us being offered a fast track to a University BA Hons degree course in Digital Media Design.

On obtaining my degree I found a job working as web developer where I learnt some more useful skills in web development. It wasn’t long before Mark and I then started our own business as Digital Fuse. I have a strong skillset for web coding and integrated systems. 12+ years have flown by with Digital Fuse, creating websites for all many businesses covering a large variety of industries.

I pride myself on taking the key principles of what I learnt from my degree and experience from 12+ years of working in the web design industry, and applying it to each new project that we take on. I’m always focused on ensuring any code or system we utilise is fully up to date, future proof, manageable and suitably efficient for websites to function as required.

Mark Skinner Digital Fuse

Mark Skinner

BA (Hons) – Digital Media Design

I have a keen eye for detail in all aspects of design and layout ranging from traditional art through to complex, website wireframe layouts and polished, finalised designs. After completing my first year of E-media at college I was very drawn to graphic design and photo editing. Throughout university, on the BA Hons degree course that Nathan and I enrolled on, I was able to focus my skills even more on graphic design, animation and web. I was lucky enough to receive multiple commendations for my projects and saw real world application from a few of my original works.

As time went on I learnt to integrate basic animation into website builds and hone my skills further with web design and coding. I have a keen eye for detail and alignment and an affinity for clean, breathable designs. I have built up a comprehensive skillset in CSS styling, ensuring our websites look as per our designs and stand out. I’m also able to optimise websites to increase speed and efficiency.

Both Nathan and I believe that throughout a project, clear communication is key so that our clients know exactly what is happening, when and why. Our experience with a multitude of different media and skillsets through our education and subsequent years in business, allow us to really consider the designs and inner workings of the websites we create.

Professional websites, fast loading and solid SEO foundations

We pride ourselves on creating visually engaging websites that tell the user your story. Our sites are optimised to be fast loading and responsive for tablets and mobiles. A slow website can have a negative impact on your business. The on-site SEO we implement provides a great foundation for boosting your website performance in search engines and we’re here to help tailor this to your business.

We’re great communicators

Swift and clear communications between a web developer and a client is a must for any project to run efficiently. We’ll always get back to you promptly and will keep you fully updated at every stage of your project. One thing we often hear is how frustrating it is working with other developers who simply don’t communicate in a timely manner or don’t respond at all! The client is then left wondering what’s happening, and what the status is. If this sounds like a situation you’re stuck in then make sure you get in touch. We’ll see how we can help get your project back on track and get it over the finish line as quickly as possible.

Our services are affordable

Our prices are carefully considered to offer you the best value for money for a website that is given professional attention. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs, contractual obligations, admin fees, or surcharges. The prices we quote you are the prices you’ll end up paying. We’re fully aware that each business is unique. With this in mind we offer you the ability to add on any features you wish or upgrade your website at anytime. This means that your website will never grow stale or get stuck in the past and become out-dated.

We’ll keep things simple

We’re not the type of people to baffle you with technical jargon. We deal with many technical aspects but we pride ourselves on translating the technical terminology into easy to understand language.