Some basic questions answered

We typically get asked similar questions with regards to web design and development. To aid your decisions, we have answered some key questions that you may may be asking yourself whilst looking for a new website, an upgrade or some maintenance.

General Questions

We certainly can! If you’re looking for some advice on which type of domain to buy, or need help pointing your domain to the right place for hosting and emails, we’re able to help – (DNS can be tricky business!)

We typically only focus on websites that are WordPress driven. That being said, if you’re having issues with a website that is not WordPress, send us a message and we can see how we can help. Or at the very least, advise on the best course of action.

Sure, all we’ll need are the login credentials to your website and hosting as well as a brief (instruction) on exactly what you need help with. We’ll investigate the issues or requests outlined (free of charge) and we’ll provide you with a quote/timescale.

Whilst we can’t always guarantee ‘fixes’ for issues due to the possibility of other contributing factors, we can almost always spot what the problem is, investigate why this is happening and offer up some solutions. Some errors are easily fixed and some can be a little more complicated, either way we’ll certainly be able to help.

If you can provide us with admin login details for your website, hosting and any associated domain, we can look into this for you and see how to bring your website back. Often, if a website stops showing up out of the blue, it’s due to an expired service – which is an easy fix. If a more technical solution to the problem is required we’ll provide a breakdown of what’s needed and why this has likely occurred.

Web Development Questions

Absolutely! This is why we use WordPress and build in such a way that allows you to maintain and update your content yourself in the future. Training will be included for free on how you can edit and populate your website going forward.

Not at all – no coding knowledge is needed when managing your website. Editing pages and posts are no more complex than editing a Word Document. We’ll also be on hand to point you in the right direction as and when needed.

We can get your social media feeds such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter added to your site to help keep your visitors updated on your latest posts. To get this integrated, we will require your social media logins. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, we’ll also need a code that is sent to the account holder for us to log in. We’ll check with you beforehand and arrange a convenient day/time to initiate this.

That’s what we’re here for! We are always on hand to provide any support, ad-hoc edits or a training refresher if needed at any point down the line.

That’s one of the great things about WordPress. It allows for a great deal of customisation and scalability for adding new features and functions. Let us know what features and functions you’d like to add and we’ll chat with you about the best course of action to get them integrated.

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