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Ofsted compliant school and nursery websites

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Let us throw in our years of experience!

Do you feel that your school or nursery website is looking tired and out of date? Is your website lacking the required information to keep parents and guardians informed? Are parents struggling to find crucial information on your website?

If any of these phrases ring true, then a new website is likely the best way forward. Here are some key aspects that Digital Fuse look at when creating a new school website.

Making your website searchable as well as Ofsted compliant

One of the most frustrating things about having a website is not being found! This is like having a shop in the desert! It defeats the purpose of having a website if no one can see it. You should at the very least be coming up top in the search results for your school name so that any school or nursery related information can be found.

Is the website usable on all devices?

In this day and age over half of all website visits are via mobile and tablet devices. This means that your website NEEDS to display perfectly on these platforms. If your website isn’t displaying quickly and efficiently on these devices then you’re making it harder for people to access important information. This will likely lead to calls and emails from users, parents and carers, asking where this information is.

Showcasing your school or nursery core values and ethos

Your school is as individual as your students. Your website should reflect this. This is why we’ll work with you to tailor your website to fit the core ethos, brand and values of your school – and ensure this is clearly portrayed in an engaging manner across your website.

Presenting important documents such as policies, newsletters and prospectus

One of the key benefits of having a website is that it can act as a great resource of information without you having to answer 20 phone calls a day from parents and carers telling them all the same thing over and over! Important statutory information can be displayed on your website in a clear and user-friendly way to inform the user or parent/carer but also to make your school website Ofsted compliant.

Ofsted required information

We’re well aware that schools and nurseries have Ofsted requirements and standards that they have to meet. We are even more familiar with the requirements that the school or nursery website needs to meet for to be fully Ofsted compliant. We’ll work with you to ensure that any Ofsted required information such as policies, SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) Coordinator contact details, governors information, premium reports, term dates and all the other bits are all easily accessible and available on the website. Don’t let your website let you down on your next inspection. Contact us – hello@digitalfuse.co.uk

Utilising secure or password protected areas

If you have sensitive or secure documents that you only want certain staff or governors to access then a password protected area feature can be added to your WordPress website. You can easy upload documents securely and allow access to a select group of members only.

Digital Fuse can create your school or nursery an Ofsted compliant website

The above points are something we come across very often when buildings school and nursery websites. We solve all these issues with our website builds and make life so much easier for the school or nursery, parents and carers and also the Ofsted inspectors!

If you have questions about how a new website can benefit your school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!