Action on Ash Dieback

Helping to bring awareness to a local cause in Eastbourne

You may well know that the Ash tree population is being hit hard by a disease known as Ash Dieback. It’s plaguing millions of trees across the entire UK and is killing trees of rapidly.

Cobb PR approach us to create a website to bring awareness to the devastating issue effecting Eastbourne. This project is also on behalf of Eastbourne Borough Council, raising awareness in the local community.

A simple website is required with a news feature and just a couple of pages. The pages need information for the Ash Dieback epidemic explaining what it is, the cause and the action being taken. Furthermore, we have videos to situate too which really show the devastating impact of the disease.

Not the Eastbourne we know and love!

From the get go we’re thinking this one is going to be tricky. Normally we aim to focus on the best in something to bring out an attractive visual for representing the subject. However in this case we have to show the devastation that this plague is causing.

You can see from the Action on Ash Dieback website (please see link further down) that the colours in use are dull, murky, brown and yellow colours to sadly represent the dying trees. As well as the colours there are a fair few facts pulled out from the text to highlight the serious issue.

Final Action on Ash Dieback in Eastbourne

In conclusion, despite us here at Digital Fuse creating a site that generally looks pretty dull at first glance, we feel that we have highlighted the issue clearly. The text content, videos and photos along with the colours bring together a website that is looking for attention. The whole aim is to bring awareness and the site clearly shows the desperate situation of the Ash tree population in Eastbourne.

Ash Dieback in Ash Trees Eastbourne

“I’ve worked with these guys on a couple of projects and both times were impressed by the high quality of their work, their efficiency and attention to detail. They deserve the success and recognition they are receiving.”

Angela Gallen, Cobb PR