Blackberry Farm Park

A fantastic, family friendly farm in Whitesmith

Blackberry Farm Park is a family run farm set within 18 acres of beautiful in the village of Whitesmith. They have a great variety of animals, a huge outdoor play area, a sensory zone, farm walk and more. There is also a picnic area and baby area to ensure the family’s needs are taken care of when they visit.

We originally took over the management of the old Joomla website and re-designed the original plain and simple white pages. We turned these into a colourful bright child-friendly WordPress driven pages that showcased the true personality of Blackberry Farm Park. The new framework also allowed the team to populate the website with any news items or upcoming promotions.

The design and build of Blackberry Farm Park

Taking inspiration from the logo, we hand-drew various elements across the website from the wooden planks to the fun and quirky characters. Redrawing the poster character chicken (Clucky) was essential adding a more modern, sharper look. We have gone on to create an extended collection of farm characters. Oinky the pig, Wooly the Sheep and many more! All of which can be viewed on the website as well as dotted around the farm itself. They are cleverly used as signage and information points for the visiting customers.

One of the key aspects of the website is the Pony and Farm Parties bookings system. The team at Blackberry Farm spent numerous hours in the office manually taking bookings over emails/phone. Because of this, integrating an efficient and simple booking facility has removed a lot of unnecessary administration at the farm. It now allows the team to be interacting with the customers and generally more available. Additionally this helped to solve numerous headaches such as double bookings, online deposit payments and email reminders – all of which are taken care of by the secure booking facility.

Due to the success of the first website we were asked 5 years later to push the site further and build a new one with even more features. Mainly to keep up with the new booking systems required for school trips. The site also includes some exciting new features and some fun new characters!

Blackberry Farm Park in Sussex