Brighton Gasworks

Brighton Gasworks Redevelopment Plans!

St Williams approached us looking for a website to house information regarding the plans for redeveloping a disused area of land in Kemp Town near Brighton Marina. This is where perhaps one of the most iconic structures of Brighton Marina stands, the old gasworks tower. The new plans could see more jobs created, extra homes and an overall improvement of the aesthetics of the area. No more rusty old tower!

News, Updates and Information to Hand

The Brighton Gasworks website needs to be informative and clear. As with most regeneration projects (we’ve built a fair few!) a lot of users will have questions that they want answering. Proposals, statistics, figures and how things will affect residents and the local community are of paramount importance. A simple navigation structure with items easily accessible is key for users to get the answers they are looking for and quickly.

Taking the existing logo design we incorporate the colours and style into the website layout and theme. We love seeing consistency in branding / design. As a result, this helps cement the brand into the user’s memory for that ‘recognisable’ aspect. The website is generating a huge amount of interest with very high traffic. This reinforces the fact that a website was hugely important to the redevelopment of this area.

Brighton Gasworks planning application is due to be submitted in late 2020, jump online and take a look! See what might become of the dilapidated old tower. Additionally the consultation page allows feedback, comments and suggestions regarding ideas or concerns for the project. We’re positive this redevelopment is going to be great and turn a disused part of Brighton & Hove into something worthy and useful!

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Brighton Gasworks Website by Web Design Eastbourne