Cheap Deals Away

Holiday Company Logo Design

Cheap Deals Away owner Peter came to Digital Fuse for a Logo Design service. Peter was looking for a design that was quirky and punchy as well as one that would represent his business. We started the design by playing with colours associated with nice, hot holidays. Blue seas, blue skies and warm colours for the sun, for which we chose orange. These colours were chosen because they would inject certain thoughts and feelings into the viewer when combined with the logo wording. We added a nice gradient to the blue to create a bit of depth and motion.

For the text ‘playful’ came to mind. The idea of the text swooping away like that of an aeroplane taking off worked really well. So this, combined with a nice rounded, fun font face and a sharper more impactful font face, the logo design came together quickly.

Our client was very happy with the end result because the logo represented his business exactly how he wanted. We were very please with the outcome and so have added this punchy, attractive and effective logo to our ever growing list of logo design projects!

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