Colour Me Crazy

WordPress Website Hosting, Migration and Rebuild

Colour Me Crazy came about when we found out they required new WordPress hosting services. We managed the domain and website files transfer process away from the previous company. Migrating the site files over to our server and the domain name to our management area so that we could take care of the website going forward. Email accounts were also transferred over with little to no downtime and ensuring all emails were moved and in place.

The transfer was straight forward however the framework for the site was very outdated and used an old, unsupported theme with a broken contact form. The design of the site still had promise and our client wanted to keep the current style so we overhauled the site from top to bottom. Rebuilding the site in a completely custom theme meant that the code was up to standard and the design was smartened up. Furthermore, images were optimised and graphics were redrawn to improve the quality and sharpness.

A much smarter looking WordPress website with an improved look!

Colour Me Crazy now has a completely fresh theme, with optimised code and sharp refreshed graphics making for a much cleaner look. In conclusion, this hairdressing business looks smart and stylish without straying too far from the original design that our client loved! We continue to manage and maintain the website on our server with regular updates to keep things running smoothly.

WordPress Hosting you can rely on

Fast and secure WordPress hosting is essential nowadays for quick loading pages and online security. We endeavour to make the migration process smooth and quick with little to no interruption to the client’s day to day operations. If you require a similar service then please get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

You can view the Colour Me Crazy website below!

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