Devonshire Quarter

The new Eastbourne development scheme – Devonshire Quarter

The Devonshire Quarter project undertaken by Eastbourne Council aims to create a thriving, nationally important and recognised cultural and tennis destination by building a state of the art conference space and restaurant/café facilities.

Having worked with the council previously we were very pleased to assist on this project. And one with a particular local significance because it is all happening in our home town! The key aspect of the website was to keep the local communities informed of the progress and development of construction. As well as keeping them updated on any meetings or consultations that could be publicly attended. Our aim was to build a clear, concise and uncluttered website to ensure clarity of the information available. The design style of the website complemented the logo with the variety of colours used. We opted for a muted colour palette in key areas to ensure they were not too overwhelming.

The integration of the live time-lapse footage of Devonshire Quarter (streaming 24/7) allowed users to see the build progress. They can see this in 100% real-time and keep up to date with how the development is coming along. Ultimately we were very pleased with the final outcome of the website. We achieved a very user-friendly and informative solution not just for the general public, but for the team members managing and maintaining the website as well.

Devonshire Quarter re-development scheme in Eastbourne