Gosden Electric

Gosden Electric needed a simple and sharp brand identity

Andy came to us in search of a new logo design for his guitar business Gosden Electric. Recommended by LT Custom Guitars, a business we also provided logo and branding design for previously. Andy had an idea of what he wanted, but couldn’t yet see the complete and final result. Andy new of a couple of design elements that he really wanted included. The letter ‘G’ and a lightning bolt design element somehow incorporated.

Laying the foundations for Gosden Electric

We begin by adding in the required elements to the artboard. As we need the letter ‘G’ we have to come up with a suitable font, for this we go by the nature of the business. Super modern, sleek and custom were keywords for us so a regular weight, capitalised font seemed to fit. We could always change the font at any stage of the design process. With the lightning bolt element there were a lot of potential ideas flowing! This feature could be behind the entire logo, extend from the side of a particular word or shape within the Gosden Electric logo. Or simply it could be a semi transparent overlay on another shape or element.

Keeping it simple

Cutting out lots and lots of ideas that crept into more complex designs, we homed in on simplicity. We had our font chosen so we decided to narrow the emblem part of the logo down to a solid circle that housed the letter ‘G’. The lightning bolt element was drawn in and we positioned this around the circle but as part of it. By that we mean the shapes are merged together as one piece. Colour was not a problem at this stage as our client had mentioned that just black, grey and white were fine to begin with.

Adding detail by taking things away!

We have a circle with the letter ‘G’ inside and a lightning bolt behind the circle. The letter in white and the circle and lightning bolt in black. Something is telling us that there is too much of the black and that the shapes need more definition. Sometimes shapes merged together lose their initial identity. The clean circle and lightning bolt are obvious and straightforward for the eye to pick up in their initial states. However, once merged we have a circle with a jagged thick line running through it! We have to break this up. A simple solution is to remove a piece of the lightning bolt from around the circle edge. There is now a gap between the circle and lightning bolt parts extending outwards. This redefines their shapes again, removes the clunky black shape and adds more detail and extra elements to the design. Instead of 1 shape with a G within, we now have 3 shapes.

To finish off the design

We have the emblem part of the logo completed. All we need is the name of the business included. We opted for the clean centrally aligned emblem with the business name on one line beneath. We used the same font as we used for the ‘G’ inside the circle shape for the emblem. Although for the name we decided on a light font weight instead of regular to offset the heavier emblem feel.

Our client loved the design and with a few spacing tweaks that he requested the logo was completed! Another great job for us at Digital Fuse for a fantastic client and business – Gosden Electric.

sharp, simplistic logo design