Jensen Belle Building & Groundworks

Trade business Logo Design

A trade business, Jenson Belle, had gotten in touch with us regarding some branding. They needed a new trade business logo. Jenson Belle Building & Groundwork had just begun and the owners wanted something strong and simple for their brand.

Considering the nature of building and groundwork as a trade we discussed the idea of strong lettering. We feel that a business brand works best when the logo and business name reflect the industry and nature of the services provided. By this we mean that building and groundwork can be a tough job, so the logo needed to be strong. However we still want the business to appear approachable. Achieving this requires a balance, with a strong, sturdy font we added in a dark blue colour and a soft orange colour. The orange colour represents a warmth and is inviting which offsets the strong, uppercase wording.

A trade company logo needs to say what the services are

A lot of trade companies use names for the business title. Meaning that the exact service they offer is not always clear. For Jenson Belle we wanted the sub-text to be clear and state the business clearly. Adding in ‘Building & Groundworks’ helps balance the heavier, thick letters of the name above. Using a lighter font for more balance and adding some letter spacing to match the width of the larger text creates a great contrast and reinforces the sturdiness of the logo as a whole.

In summary Jenson Belle now have a trade company logo that is strong, inviting, attractive to look at and states their business. Visit our services page to find out more about logo design.

Trade company logo design