Katie Elizabeth Design

Clean and modern portfolio websites with WordPress!

Katie Elizabeth Design has been one of our clients for a long time. We had the pleasure of creating her portfolio website and managing the WordPress hosting back in 2017. This website is a great example to portfolio websites, it’s clean, modern, fresh and attractive. Katie Elizabeth Design is an interior design business who cover all aspects of interior design. From full room and house re-fits to incredible styling and lighting changes. The website is largely image based making it very engaging to look at. It also doesn’t overwhelm with too much information, it is there to showcase and be a more visual resource. They say “a picture speaks a thousand words” and we certainly have to agree with whoever did actually say that! They must have been a graphic designer…

Turbo boosting the portfolio website!

We’ve recently given Katie Elizabeth Design a theme refresh, re-building the premium theme in our own framework. Katie still really liked the look and feel of her website, however it really needed speeding up and refreshing. Furthermore the old theme was becoming problematic with its optimisation ability. We had a think and went about customising our framework into a replica that was updatable, had new features and really emphasised the beautiful portfolio website aspect. On top of that, the new theme is lightning fast and very well optimised, loading in well under 3 seconds!

A WordPress website that looks amazing!

There is no reason for anyone to look away now! Firstly, Katie Elizabeth Design now have an engaging, attractive, clean, modern website that is very current and super fast loading! Secondly, it didn’t have to suffer any downtime. We built on our development server and when it was ready the old live website was switched with the new one in matter of minutes!

Don’t forget, we can do the same for you and your website! Just get in touch!

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