Lemonade Group

A really refreshing job! Anyone thirsty for Lemonade now?

Lemonade Group is an interesting new website built by us here at Digital Fuse. It’s job is to help business owners and entrepreneurs with kids create a work / life balance or work / life brilliance as the owner likes to word it!

With this new project from entrepreneur Dave Gosh (Content Mars) we wanted to utilise a specific design style throughout. The task was create some semi/hand drawn looking graphics that gave the site design a unique touch and refreshing feel! The name of the business really helps get ideas churning so coming up with some cool graphics was fun, the only hard part was choosing which of the many ideas to go with!

Stopping ourselves from getting too fizzy!

After settling down to a discussion, the decision to go with a strong set of graphic styles was made. Photos with yellow overlays and black or white panels with hand drawn graphics in either white or black respectively. You can see these on the live website using the link at the bottom.

Getting Lemonade Group’s message across

Dave at Lemonade Group wanted to push forward the courses, masterclasses and strategy guides. We ensure that on each page there is a call to action to at least one of them. Additionally each page includes a call to action to book a chat or fill out a form for more info. Really trying to engage the user and guide them towards making an action on the website.

You can also see on the website that the font usage is quite varied in places. However the site still maintains consistency with it’s design. Digital Fuse carefully pick fonts that work together or juxtapose based on the contextual message. Use of a fairly heavy font combined with a very thin, hand written font for example.

Finalising another fun web design project!

With the structure and framework for Lemonade Group complete it was time to polish. Graphics are dropped in place, a few flourishes are added and the site is ready for content. For this project the guys at Lemonade Group were populating so we gave them access to complete this in their own time. They told us that they were done and ready to launch so the site was pushed live!

Lemonade Group is amongst some of the site’s we’ve built that are the team’s favourite! Just like lemonade it’s bright, bubbly, refreshing and full of flavour… okay we’ll stop now!

Lemonade Group by professional Web Design in Eastbourne

Working with Digital Fuse has been an absolute dream. They have built two websites for me and both have been amazing. Not just on the technical & creative skills from design through to build, but the communication and the ease that they make working with them, makes Digital Fuse my go-to for any job.

David Morris