Leonards Ingredients

Leonards Ingredients – Quality products for the food industry!

The owners of Leonards Ingredients came to us at Digital Fuse – Web Design Eastbourne, for a new, fully fledged, catalogue website. One that in the future, could be turned into a full on shop website if needed. The look and feel needs modernising but, at the same time, maintain that ‘well established’ tone.

The ‘Leonards Ingredients’ for a great website

We begin with the branding, lifting elements such as colour, typography/font and style and then spread them out on a canvas. We start to form a design and layout utilising colour, style and spacing from the logo. The strong, fairly bold, ‘seriffed’ title font is used for headings and the menu. Keeping to the brand colours of white, grey and yellow was essential. We want to use a darker colour as a backdrop for these lighter colours to stand out from. This is where the very dark grey and slate texture to help these pop on the page.

Usability and Content

Good navigation is always a primary goal in building websites. We want as many handy, useful links to useful information dotted about as possible, without overkill of course. For Leonards we ensure that each page has 2 or 3 thumbnail links to various other pages of interest. This gives the user numerous paths to find the info they need without solely relying on the main navigation menu at the top. Additionally, it adds some visuals to keep things colourful an engaging. Leonards Ingredients offer plenty of colourful food and products so this is great to portray in the website popping off the dark slate background texture. Getting in touch with Leonards is also very easy with a simple form to fill out with your question

Bringing the social element in

The owners of Leonards do very well with their social media platforms, so to get these into the site is a must! We ensure that the amount of items displayed is carefully balanced so as not to slow the page loading speeds. Twitter and Instagram are used heavily by Leonards so having these in the website will really showcase their products well and reinforce their solid reputation. Furthermore, some users may engage and interact better on social platforms. For them to be able to view, share products or posts via their own platforms helps increase the business reputation and following even further.

A new website for a long running, well established business

The final outcome of Leonards Ingredients is something we are very proud of. The site keeps in tact that established feel with their specific branding style (font and colours), but adds a nice modern twist to stay current at the same time. Information is readily available and easy to find. As with all of our websites this site is ‘future proof’ in that new features and elements can be added at a later date with ease, no messy code to unravel and re-patch.

Leonards Ingredients 1989 - Uckfield