Natural PR

Natural Web Designers!

We have a long-standing relationship with Paula; having designed, built and continuing to manage the hosting for the Sussex Food and Drinks Awards website. We were ‘naturally’ delighted when she got in touch with us to say she feels her old and out-dated WordPress website ‘Natural PR’ is due for a redesign.

Through our conversations we construct a considered, clear and concise brief. This allows us to create a design that not only meets her technical specifications but also reflects the professionalism and high quality service she provides.

The colour scheme used throughout the website is well complimented by the logo. Specific use of visual imagery also reinforces the multi-faceted nature and diversity of the company.

WordPress Websites that are easy to use!

In addition to being outdated, Paula had some long standing frustrations with her existing Natural PR website. It’s awkward to edit, takes a long time to load and changes don’t save how you expect them too. The layout of posts and pages (when they did finally save) are also inconsistent with the design of the rest of the website.

To remedy this, we ensure that the latest available scripts are utilised on the website to bring it fully up to date. New features are integrated allowing the website to display responsively for all devices. Making it appear in a consistent manner whilst still maintaining fast load times for her users.

We also utilise a page builder facility, allowing Paula to modify the existing content with ease. This makes the process of editing the pages on Natural PR straightforward by using a simple drag and drop interface. Zero code needed, and zero headaches! We’re very pleased to confirm that Paula is delighted with the website and how easy it is to use. We’re thrilled with the reception of the website and very proud of the final outcome. We very much look forward to helping Paula on her next big project!

Natural PR by Eastbourne Web Design

“Friendly, efficient, creative and really good value! They have created several websites for us which look great and work well with no glitches. They are lovely to work with because they explain technical things in simple terms and human language. I highly recommend them!”

Paula Seager - MD, Natural PR Ltd