North Street Quarter

North Street Quarter redevelopment in Lewes

North Street Quarter approached us at Digital Fuse for a static website revamp. They requested a smarter layout to present their information regarding the development in Lewes, East Sussex. We took inspiration from the North Street Quarter project documents that had been created. We introduced more colour to the body content of the website which brightened up the plainer look the website initially had. The branding for NSQ was strong with rich colours so we looked to add some extra consistency into the design.

Equally as important as the colour scheme are the shapes in the layout. Along with the new colours we added some angles to the panels further reinforcing the branding. Adding rhombus shaped boxes and strips to house some of the content elements to improve and break up the square and blocky layout. Again, this was to partly mirror the logo design which helps to keep a nice consistency too. Keeping the design flow from the logo and branding at the top, down through the content on the pages.

Moreover, the website needed to include information about the planning of the redevelopment and inform the public of the process. Galleries of images, embedded videos, latest news and FAQs are just some of the features this website required. The website also had to be easily editable and maintained by the client so this was taken into account first.

As a result of the redesign NSQ is now a colourful, informative, corporate website for the public.

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