Secure Redoubt Eastbourne

Making Streets in the Redoubt area of Eastbourne Safer

The Secure Redoubt project came about when Cobb PR (a fantastic PR company that we’ve worked with on a few projects now) came to us with a new, local project from Eastbourne Borough Council. Secure Redoubt is about adding extra security around the streets of the Redoubt area in Eastbourne. Making a safer community for both businesses and residents from shoplifting, thefts, burglaries and vehicle crime.

The website needed to be a resource for information on the progress and happenings in the Redoubt area. As well as viewing the long term goals of the Secure Redoubt project, business owners and residents can use the website to ask questions or voice their concerns. Also to view the latest news and events and download the Report It app to report local environmental problems. These can include fly tipping, dog fouling, littering or overgrown areas.

Helping our Local Eastbourne Area

Once the branding files were sent to us we began work on the website designs for Secure Redoubt. Using the fonts, colours and styles from the branding files we carried across the strong identity into the website. Using the punchy, contrasting colours with bold white font really gave that feeling of security. Additionally, the punchy colours make the website feel vibrant and cheerful. Exactly what the community need to feel when visiting the website.

Usability is key along with simply presented information for quick navigation by all users. We opted for alternating panels of information and full width photos of the local area. This keeps the visuals interesting and shows familiar local locations.

A Feeling of Security and Safety for the Future

The more the residents and business owners feel comfortable using the website, the more they will become involved and voice their concerns on any issues they may see locally. This then allows the council to help the businesses and residents more by implementing changes in the community. Reinforcing security measures and ultimately making the Redoubt area secure and safe.

Sadly the Secure Redoubt project has come to an end and is no longer a live website. The project however, was a huge success with many local residents and businesses helped with increased levels of security. We are super happy that we were able to be a small part of that project.

Secure Redoubt Eastbourne Web Design