By Digital Fuse


Adding some ‘spice’ to Spicemule online shopping!

What a fantastic project this was to work on! Ellie and Jon at Spicemule are so enthusiastic about their business and a great team to work with. They required an online shop to push their spice and stuffing sales so our design wheels began to turn!

Ellie and Jon had the branding in place and all set to go. This instantly gave us ideas in terms of the web design side of things. We loved the cartoon-like feel with thick black outlines to the logo and so we injected that into the website design. Along with the pre arranged colour palette things really started to pop and altogether, the elements created a wonderfully unique look and feel for Spicemule.

As a user, getting to where you want on a website within as fewer clicks as possible is important. Furthermore you don’t want to be taken in circles or made to work for your information! Each product category on Spicemule is made super clear. Each category shows the amount of products available and when clicked, takes you straight to them. From here you can either ‘add to basket’ or click the product to view the description and ingredient information.

“Digital Fuse were very easy to work with to get exactly the right website for us, both in functionality and design. Superb value for money to so the accounts team were very happy too :)”

- Eleanor Jane
Digital Fuse Eastbourne Web Design