Sussex Bespoke Metal & Woodwork

High end, bespoke Metal & Woodwork

Alex, owner of Sussex Bespoke required a new logo to represent his business. He came to us here at Digital Fuse with a few ideas in mind but nothing finalised. This is where we feel we have a chance to shine and do our thing! Sussex Bespoke Metal & Woodwork offer custom built furniture, wall art and accessories for house and garden. From metal framed benches with intricate patterns to beautifully crafted wood and resin table tops. His work is top quality and his logo needed to represent the business well.

Taking into account that the business product is metal and wood related, we incorporated this into out think tank. Furthermore, Alex wanted an ‘S’ and a ‘B’ as part of the logo with the full business name so ideas started flowing. Firstly, ‘High end feel’ and ‘clean’ were important guidelines for us. After a few drawings and initial design ideas a more complete logo was starting to form.

Finalising the design

Using a few shades of grey we added a gradient within the S and B part of the logo to depict the metal side of things. This immediately gave the element a feel of depth in the design. However, with the full business name wording underneath we needed something else to balance out the heavily text based logo.

Some of the products Alex had created were side tables with metal framed legs with varnished, wooden tops. This was our inspiration! We came to add in a thin rectangular shape above the S and B with a nice brown gradient. This, combined with the S and B almost gives the impression of a table facing you corner on.

As a result, the design is clean, smart and has a high end feel with a subtle play on shapes and letters to add something personal.

Sussex Bespoke Metal & Woodwork