Sussex HIAB

Sussex HIAB Lifting & Transport Services

A new business startup looking for a clean and modern identity! Sussex HIAB came to Digital Fuse for a logo design needing something that stands out and that was striking. But also, specifically of their HIAB truck. A silhouette/stencil look was preferable too so we got our thinking caps on!

Silhouette graphics can be really tricky to put together, mainly because of the negative and positive space. What do you show as negative space (no artwork, essentially just background colour)? And what do you show as positive space (forms and shapes of the object)?

It’s something that requires a fair bit of work and trial and error in some cases. The starting point is to at least use the general shape as a basis. At least the shapes of elements that are in the foreground and/or are affected by the direction of your light source.

On the other hand, you have what we call ‘clean stencil work’. This is similar to the above for detailed silhouette graphics although light is less of a concern. It’s more about showing differing shape areas.

Design process for Sussex HIAB

So… we have a couple of photos of the client’s truck to work from and we’re aiming for a mix of silhouette and stencil. We’re also going for a white background with black artwork. Firstly we start with the stencil side of things and get a clean outline going. Secondly we see what shapes we want to be prominent (positive space – parts of the truck). With these areas we try to keep the amount of detail to a minimum and even cut off some of the edges to give the ‘limited light’ effect of a silhouette.

Sussex HIAB Logo

As you can see in the final logo, thin lines are used to create some area of definition without entirely being finished or meeting up. For example the lines around the cab door window. Without these extra, partial definition lines the artwork would look very flat and plain. Another example of unfinished lines or ‘lack of light effect’ is the front cab grille.

It’s all about the overall ‘effect’

A silhouette effect was used a lot for the underside of the truck. With enough light in a picture/graphic this part is very busy with small parts and lots of definition. However its not needed for this kind of graphic, the cab, crane and truck bed are enough to give away what the image is. So these busy parts can be blocked out much like we have done. The underside of the truck and offside wheels are in silhouette form. Another part would be the interior of the front cab. Its dark and the only detail is the cut-out driver’s window. If we were to draw in all the interior detail it would become overwhelmingly busy and lose the stencil/silhouette effect.

The orange colour was added to make the logo pop. It is also there to highlight the main feature of the truck which additionally, is the foundation of the business – ‘lifting services’.

An inverted version to work on black

You’d think that having used mainly white and black on a white background you could simply switch or invert the colours to work on a black background… This does not always work out! When inverting the black and white so that we could send the client a version to use on a black background/black material apparel etc we found some anomalies.

The negative space or ‘lack of light’ was all in black initially, so when trying to use a white shape to identify a negative space it boggles the mind. If you look at the inverted version below you can see that we had to remove the driver’s side cab window shape. A white shape here just didn’t work as this much ‘light’ wouldn’t penetrate the cab and if it did the whole interior of the cab would be lit up!

If you compare this version to the one further up you can see the cab window missing. An extra definition line was also needed for the underside of the front bumper

Hopefully this info has been interesting if not useful to you! This more complex logo was certainly refreshing and a joy to undertake. We always like a new challenge. Our client – SUSSEX HIAB is over the moon with the final outcome, as are we! They now have a completely unique logo of their exact truck to show off. You may see them driving around if you’re local to Sussex!