The Stainless Railing Company

The Stainless Railing Company Logo Design

A brand new logo was needed for this long running business, a logo that wasn’t lost in time. A few things were required to hit the target of getting this logo just right for our client.

Firstly, a modern feel. A modern feel is easily attainable by comprising certain shapes and layouts as well as colours and size. Additionally a specific san serif font can help too. However we weren’t only required to convey ‘modern’. The Stainless Railing Company has a long history, having been started up back in 1971! Secondly, we need to incorporate a bit of history.

Bringing this logo forward in time whilst maintaining a bit of the past is going to be a challenge. But an exciting one for us as we love to design! Starting out with a font that worked nicely to represent the particular trade industry was important. Once we sourced a nice suitable san serif font we played with the sizing of the first and last words. This gives the text a bit of variety considering the amount of wording for this logo. Having a lot of text in one font size is simple to read but its not always attractive and impactful to look at. Its not body text! It has to been seen clearly and make an impression on the viewer.

Bringing some history to the new logo design

To bring a bit of the company history to the present day we are taking inspiration from some old school style logo and sign designs. Ovals with an inner strip were popular back in the day because… well we don’t know they just were, but we can see why! Placing the established date inside a nice oval shape with an inner strip / line helped break up the flat shape.

Positioning this underneath the main business name text the logo is starting to look really nice! We were very happy with the outcome so far however, something was missing. Because of the word stacking the logo was very text heavy still and lacked balance in our opinion. To resolve this we opted for some more vintage elements by adding some horizontal lines next to the single words. This was the last element to bring the final piece to a finish.

The result was a clean, sharp, modern logo but with an old school touch which our client was very happy with. Another successful logo design and one that we were excited to add to our portfolio!

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