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Sharp, High Resolution Logo Design and Branding in Eastbourne

Eastbourne based logo design and branding is a really rewarding service that we offer. We create unique looking logos for our clients that spearhead their businesses presence. Whether it’s on their website, in advertisements, printable materials or signage. A great logo has to be unique to your business and we enjoy creating something personal to represent you. As well as something we can stand back and look at and be really proud of.

Where have I seen that before?

The first thing people tend to see when looking at your business is the logo and branding. The colours used, the style, the shapes, the wording and everything that it signifies. Your logo needs to be etched into their minds, as soon as they see your logo – instant recognition. After finding out what industry you’re in, what you do and your business personality we can begin to flesh out some ideas that will represent you in the best way possible.

Don’t keep the viewer guessing!

Your logo needs to say what you do pretty quickly. Your business name might be cool and quirky but it also might be slightly vague. This is where a nice short strap line could come in handy which is something you should consider. Our business name for example ‘Digital Fuse’ does not directly tell the viewer exactly what we do / who we are. The strap line ‘Web & Graphic Design’ underneath tells them we are web and graphic designers. Its not an essential part of a logo but we personally felt that it was needed. We want to prevent people having to read any content just to find out what our business is about. Without the strap line people may think we sell fuses for circuit boards on electrical appliances! Whereas in actual fact we fuse all sorts of digital media together for our digital services! Have a think and decide whether or not you could use a strap line to help the people out there determine who you are and what you do.

Simplicity in Logo Design and Branding can work wonders!

A simple logo can often be much more effective than a more complex one. A simple logo doesn’t distract the attention too much. It may not be the most visually stunning logo out there with lots going on but in this day and age people can be impatient and want to find what they’re looking for in an instant. A smart, simple and effective logo has much more staying power. They generally stand the test of time a lot better too. Look at the London Underground sign. Unchanged for years yet as soon as you see it, you know what it means! It all comes down to personal preference in the end like most creative and artistic things. For example not everyone likes the works of Picasso or Monet! So with this in mind you can’t please everyone but you can have something that you like and something that you know your audience will like to see.

Add something special to your logo and branding

You could have a logo that includes the text for your business name and have an icon or emblem to sit next to it. This icon or emblem can be used by itself in some cases to reinforce your brand, great for things like printed materials. The front cover of a brochure may have your full logo in all its glory. Then for the inner pages you could have your icon sit quietly at the corner of each page for brand consistency and a subtle reminder to the reader that this is you!

Stay consistent as much as you can!

Having a logo in one particular style of design with a few select colours and then having the rest of your website or printed materials in wildly different colours with a different design style will look odd. Everything will look like a mistake and the logo may seem out of place when compared to all of your content. When creating website designs for clients that already have a logo we’ll try to use a font for the headings that is used in the logo if not a very close match. Then we’ll pick a body font that works with the heading font so everything works together. If we create the logo we’ll also take the elements and use those for the website design to again, keep that high level of consistency.

In the end..

You know your business best. You know what your clients are looking for and what you want them to see. We’re here to get it down on paper (well… screen!), using our professional design skills and experience in graphic design creating logos for many businesses large and small. Once your logo is complete we’ll be able to send it to you in multiple formats. You may need a large printable logo for a sign, some medium sized logos for your website, some transparent background logos to overlay on video or your logo in a solid colour maybe. Whatever format you need we’ll provide it for you. So if you’re in need of logo design and branding in Eastbourne or any part of Sussex then get in touch!

Talk to us about your business and what you’re looking for in a logo and we can throw around some ideas, get in touch with us!