UK Web Hosting for WordPress

Fast UK Hosting in Sussex by Digital Fuse

Fast, affordable, UK Web Hosting service like no other!

We offer 100% UK Web Hosting at Digital Fuse – providing security, peace of mind, fast load times and optimised server performance.

We do not restrict or limit any hosting services to allocate more unused space on one account to another account. Digital Fuse will never squeeze our server up to make a saving on running costs! You are given a speedy, reliable, safe and secure website hosting service.

Our team makes regular health checks on your account each month. This ensures that you have plenty of space and that there are no anomalies on your account. You need everything running smoothly and all software up to date. If you also had your website built by us we’ll check your website software and scripts to keep it secure.

A notification email is sent to you within 30 days prior to your website hosting renewal date allowing you time to prepare for renewal. You will be invoiced once you confirm, with a reply email, that you wish to continue hosting. We do not take automatic payments from your account so you can rest assured that no money will be flying out without your knowledge!

Your UK web hosting for WordPress is in a safe hands

We have managed and worked with WordPress websites for over a decade. Our team have always offered a secure hosting service where data is fully encrypted to protect information from being obtained by any unwanted parties. Our server is covered by a powerful firewall which guards your website and information 24/7.

Plenty of room to breathe and grow

Your website is allocated plenty of disk space and generous bandwidth allowances so that it’s never limited or throttled. Some companies limit and throttle their hosting services which will ultimately prevent your website from working or slow it down. Consequently, causing lengthy page load times and frustrated customers and users. When you come close to your disk quota limit (allocated disk space for website files and emails) we’ll get in touch with you to see if you’d like more space!

Our hosting fee of £150 per year is the same across the board for all clients and businesses in terms of disk quota up until you reach 15 Gigabytes. That is a lot of gigabytes we know – but this does cover email account space too. Only very large businesses with lots of email accounts and a huge website tend to breach the 15 Gigabytes quota! However if you need more space, do not fear! Once you reach 15 Gigabytes we offer a 10 Gigabyte increase for an extra £30 per year.

Website Security

SSL certificates are something you may have heard of more recently since GDPR was bought into play in May 2018. These security certificates protect the transition of data between the hosting server and your website. These certificates are essential in current times for that extra level of security.

We recommend that everyone has an SSL certificate on their website. Not only for their own data and website protection but also to offer their customers and users peace of mind. If your website does not have an SSL certificate installed then your site will flag up as potentially unsafe to a user visiting your website! If you have a shop or any e-commerce facility integrated into your website it wont work without an SSL certificate. Payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe or WorldPay won’t allow payments and transactions to happen over an insecure connection.

Your website prefix will be http:// by default. However, once we install an SSL certificate your domain prefix will become https:// – nice and secure! Our SSL certificates are £50 per year.

Server-side optimisation

Our team will ensure that your UK web hosting account is fully optimised. We want to deliver your website to your client as quickly and securely as possible. Keeping the time between a user clicking a link to your website to the point where your website page is fully loaded as short as possible. We configure gZip compression to allow the transfer of data to be as quick as it can be. Your website loading speed is not just a hosting factor. It is also the way your website is built and optimised. Take a look at our Speed Optimisation service!

Custom Email accounts

Email setup is another key aspect that we help you with. We can host your email accounts for you and use custom addresses. A custom address would be something like For example our website domain name is so we could set up an email account with or For any email accounts we create for you we’ll send you the login credentials and server details. This way you can set up your accounts on your computer, tablet or mobile devices. If you need any assistance in setting these up there will be a £25 charge. Setting these up generally doesn’t take too long at all. Please get in touch to find out more.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, friendly and secure place for your website to live and grow then please get in touch with us, you will not be disappointed!