Website Speed Optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation Service by Digital Fuse in Sussex

Make your website fast loading and easy to use!

Speed and performance is something that has become essential to the success of a website. Particularly over the last few years. With fibre optic and super fast broadband being commonplace there is no excuse for having a slow loading website. There are several key factors that can determine the speed of your website that we’ll take into account when providing our website speed optimisation service.

Website speed optimisation is partly defined by website hosting!

You’ll need a good stable UK hosting service to help deliver your website to your users quickly. A good hosting service will provide many speed enhancing features such as gZip compression. gZip compression condenses all of your website code to allow a faster transfer of data. Plenty of disk space and bandwidth is also required for good speedy hosting. If either of these have been throttled or limited by the hosting company then it can slow down your website loading speed. So make sure you get plenty of hosting space! If you’re in need of hosting then please check out our hosting services! Hosting services at £1 per month usually offer little to no technical support… or to the value of £1 per month!

Scripts and Animations

We all love to see visually stimulating animated intros, sections with interactive content and so on. However in some cases having all these bells and whistles can do more harm than good. These are things that amount to large file sizes and more scripts to load which in turn slow down the loading speed of your website. We’ll look into the fancy stuff going on and see if anything can be trimmed back. Just down to a few sections of your website to keep the nice movements but bring back some speed!

Save website loading times by optimising your images

We are big advocates for having great photos and graphics within your website. However, this shouldn’t be to the detriment of your website performance. One thing that we encourage all of our clients to do if they are managing their own content is to ensure their images are optimised before uploading. The meaning of optimising a photo or graphic is essentially reducing the file size. More importantly, without sacrificing the quality or detail of the image, which can be a bit of a balancing act. We can run tests that show us which images can be reduced in file size by cropping and optimising. Our team can actually run through all of your images and graphics and optimise each one for you.

And there are many more things that we are able to do!

We analyse each site individually and assess which optimisation methods would work best for your website. There are a wide range of options we can such as a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This works by storing website data in a separate location to reduce the load time and number of resources called from one destination. Numerous caching techniques can be carefully undertaken to allow the user’s browser to store information on how your website looks. And furthermore, minify the code and script files to significantly reduce load times.

If you feel that your website is sluggish and could use some TLC then make sure you get in touch for some more info or even a quote!