WordPress Website Hosting

Fast, affordable, UK web hosting services

We offer fully UK-based Website Hosting at Digital Fuse – providing security, peace of mind, fast load times and optimised server performance.

We do not restrict or limit any hosting services to reallocate the disk space somewhere else. Every client that we host has their own dedicated area and it stays that way. You are given a speedy, reliable, safe and secure website hosting area that is taken care of regularly within our WordPress hosting service.

Regular health checks are run on your account each month. This ensures that you have plenty of space and that there are no anomalies. If you came to us for your website build we’ll also be regularly keeping plugins and scripts up-to-date to keep your website secure.

A notification email is sent to you 30 days prior to your website hosting renewal date – allowing you time to prepare for renewal. You will be invoiced once you confirm (with a reply email) that you wish to continue hosting. We do not take automatic payments from your account nor do we lock you in to any long-term agreements.

A safe place for your WordPress website

We have managed and worked with WordPress websites for over a decade. Our team have always offered a secure hosting service where data is fully encrypted to protect information from being obtained by any unwanted parties. Our server is covered by a powerful firewall which guards your website and information 24/7.

No limits, restrictions or throttling

Your website is allocated plenty of disk space and generous bandwidth allowances so that it’s never limited or throttled. Some companies may limit and throttle their hosting services which will ultimately prevent your website from working or slow it down. Consequently, causing lengthy page load times and frustrated customers and users. When you come close to your disk quota limit (allocated disk space for website files and emails) we’ll get in touch with you to see if you’d like more space!

Website Security

SSL certificates are something you may have heard of, they are absolutely essential and have been since GDPR was bought into play in May 2018. These security certificates protect the transition of data between the hosting server and your website. These certificates are essential in current times for that extra level of security.

We recommend that everyone has an SSL certificate on their website. Not only for their own data and website protection but also to offer their customers and users peace of mind. If your website does not have an SSL certificate installed then your site will flag up as potentially ‘unsafe’ to a user visiting your website. Also if you have a shop or any e-commerce facility integrated into your website it wont work without an SSL certificate. Payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe or WorldPay won’t allow payments and transactions to happen over an insecure connection.

Your website prefix will be http:// by default. However, once an SSL certificate is installed on your hosting account the prefix will become https:// – which means it’s now secure.

Custom Email accounts

With our hosting services, custom email accounts are available if you require them. We can set these up for you on your account and send the details required to set these up on your personal devices – computer, tablets and mobiles. Each account will be set as IMAP, meaning that your read/deleted/flagged emails will synchronise across all devices in which these accounts are installed.