Why Choose Digital Fuse?

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WordPress experts at your service

Put simply, we’re experts at what we do. Our dedicated team has over 10 years experience in design and development. From branding, WordPress website design and development through to SEO, hosting services and graphic design.

Our designs are considered and researched, our coding is clean and we’re also personable! We’ll chat with you to see how best we can help and find out exactly what you need for your business. Because your website needs to look great and work how you need it to! We’ll do everything we can to facilitate and we’re more than happy to go the extra mile.

Great looking websites, fast loading and fantastic SEO foundations!

One of the key things we focus on at Digital Fuse is web design. We pride ourselves on creating visually engaging websites that almost tell the user a story about your business. These sites are optimised to be fast loading and responsive. There is almost no point in having a website if it doesn’t load quickly! Our SEO provides a great foundation for search-ability. As well as boosting your website performance in search engines and we’re here to help inject that into your website.

We’re great communicators

Swift and clear communications between our team and yourself, the client, is a must for any project to run efficiently. We’ll always get back to you promptly and will keep you fully updated at every stage of your project. One thing we often hear is how frustrating it is working with other developers who simply don’t communicate in a timely manner or don’t respond at all! The client is then left wondering what’s happening, and what the status is. If this sounds like a situation you are stuck in then make sure you get in touch. We’ll see how we can help get your project back on track and get it over the finish line as quickly as possible.

Our website design and development packages are very affordable

Our prices are carefully considered to offer you the best value for money for a website that is given professional attention. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs, contractual obligations, admin fees, or surcharges. The prices we quote you are the prices you’ll end up paying. We’re fully aware that each business is unique. With this in mind we offer you the ability to add on any features you wish or upgrade your website at anytime! This means that your website will never grow stale or get stuck in the past and become out-dated.

We’ll avoid the geeky tech talk!

We’re not the type of people to baffle you with technical Jargon, not everyone is a geek! If we do drift into talking ‘techy’ terms or phrases that you’re not sure of please just tell us “enough of the tech talk!”. Just to enlighten you, make sure you check out our Jargon Buster page, which helps break down the common technical terms. If there are any terms that you feel we should add, let us know! We’re always adding to this comprehensive list, and invite any feedback to help make it as useful as possible.

Do you like the sound of all of this? Then please do get in touch to speak to our team of WordPress experts. Or just for a chat about what you’re looking for and which package would suit your business best (no obligation quotes and no sales talk!). You can then take your time and make your decision. If you decide you’re ready to go then let us know and we’ll get to work!

You can drop us a call on the link at the top of our website or visit our contact page. You will get through to our WordPress experts! We look forward to speaking with you soon!