Asking Smarter Questions

By Digital Fuse

Asking Smarter Questions by Sam Knowles

New book, new look and new animations

Sam Knowles hits the bookshelves again with his new book Asking Smarter Questions: How To Be an Agent of Insight published by Routledge.

The privilege was ours when he came to use for his 3rd book’s website which follows a similar blueprint to his previous two. A one-page website highlighting various aspects of his book and services. Sam offers speaking, training and masses of insight – helping you to become a better story teller and questioner!

Along with Sam’s new book came some fantastic graphics to work with. The artwork for his new book cover was supplied for us to break down into individual elements. We then break down these elements further for use in subtle animations. These really help bring the site to life with small movements using CSS3 animated keyframes.

“Worked with Digital Fuse for four years and more now, designing websites and, updating, adding new features and functionality (micro podcast feed the most recent). Always very responsive, flexible, tenacious til the job’s done. Good, knowledgeable, creative resource. To be recommended. A hidden gem.”

- Sam Knowles - Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Podcaster
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