Axia Origin

By Digital Fuse

Axia Origin

Clean, breathable, corporate web design

Axia Origin is one of our latest corporate web builds at Digital Fuse. We love working on corporate websites. Just having that simplicity and subtlety in design can make a huge impact. For Axia Origin they provided us with their brand guidelines so that we could complete the build maintaining the consistency in design.

We came up with the layout mainly based on the branding but with a few additions of our own to enhance the look and feel. Additionally, we build our sites in such as way that at a later date if customers decide on implementing on-page SEO then everything is structured correctly.

For the most part corporate websites don’t tend to have a lot going on visually in terms of movement. Unless of course the website includes video. Having just a few small animation effects can really help bring the minimal content and spacious panels to life. For Axia Origin we decided on a few gentle slider animations, having the text slowly fade in on each slide really gave it some more depth and appeal.

Axia Origin have since taken the website forward themselves adding their own pages and content.

“Digital Fuse are a pleasure to work with, and I now use them as my go-to developers. Whatever the project and complexity they are able to execute precisely, quickly and cleanly. They are very structured and organised in their coding and web-development, and always find a neat solution for the trickiest of problems. They are also great to communicate with and always go the extra mile to ensure project success. Across more than one project I have found them to be precise, safe, dependable, reliable and always producing brilliant outcomes.”

- Axia Origin
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