Axia Origin

Corporate Web Design in Eastbourne, East Sussex!

Axia Origin is one of our latest corporate web builds at Digital Fuse. We love working on corporate websites. Just having that simplicity and subtlety in design can make a huge impact. For Axia Origin they provided us with all of their branding guidelines so that we could complete the build accurately, furthermore maintaining the consistency in design. We came up with the layout mainly based on the branding but with a few additions of our own to enhance the look and feel. Additionally we built the site in such as way that at a later date if they decide on using on page SEO, everything is structured correctly.

Nothing like a bit of movement in a corporate website!

For the most part corporate websites don’t tend to have a lot going on visually in terms of movement. Unless of course the website includes video! But having just a few small animation effects can really help bring the minimal content and spacious panels to life. Of course you can’t get carried away or else the site will become a bit wild and lose its highly professional feel. For Axia Origin we decided on a few slider animations. Having the text slowly fade in on each slide really gave it some more depth and interest. Where we could we also animated a couple of other bits. For example the last page in the menu includes an iceberg graphic. What a perfect opportunity to add a little bit of horizontal movement!

Keeping things open and informative!

With a corporate build some times less is more. With the content supplied on our Axia Origin project along with the branding guidelines we felt that open panels and plenty of space was the way to go. Just enough content to inform people of who you are and what you do is enough. We really look forward to seeing what this company can do!

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