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Jack Bennet got in touch with us at Digital Fuse Web & Graphic Design to design and build a new musician website. He also required a branding refresh so we came up with a new logo too.

We started out by thinking about the industry as we normally do. How the name makes us feel, what images we conjure up in our minds and what colours we see working. From working with Jack previously on other projects we got a feel for his personality and what he liked and disliked. Jack wanted something classy, unique and a bit different to set him apart from the rest.

We began by coming up with logo ideas. The musical theatre industry and music in general gives us the feeling of movement and a flowing feeling. Expressing this in a logo form was easier than expected, we knew what would work straight away. A clean, flowing script font with waves and curves to signify movement. Colour was introduced and a deep blue was favoured, it helped the white flowing text really pop. A strap line was added beneath, sitting nicely after the ‘J’. This line helps put across exactly what Jack does and what services he offers.

It was refreshing creating a musician website!

We’d not really built a musician website previously so this project was new ground for us. Something that would inspire new thoughts, creativity and ideas. Because we had created the logo first we had a great starting block for the design stage of the website. Jack wanted minimal content but some large photos to keep the user engaged and interested. Plenty of movement was added to reinforce the look and feel overall by adding movement transitions to the slider on the home page. Each of Jack’s services are listed on the home page, one to each slide with a photo gently easing behind.

We went with a new idea for the navigation to add in some personality and uniqueness when compared to most websites. We floated the navigation at the bottom of the user’s browser window. Instead of a static navigation which is usually near the top or at the side. However this presented an issue with tablet and mobile devices as having a header bar and footer bar would reduce the main content area. Resulting in even less page content being visible at any given time.

No fear was felt, we had already come up with a solution. For tablet and mobile devices and at a certain browser width the navigation floated to the bottom would be removed. In its place, a menu would appear in the header bar, this removed the need for the bar along the bottom.

Jack’s website is highly custom and works extremely well to represent him and what he does. He is a great client to work with and is super happy with his new website. Hopefully it won’t be the last musician website we do!

Jack Bennett Musician

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