LT Custom Guitars

Local and high-end luthier (LT Custom Guitars)

Lewis Trower, owner of LT Custom Guitars is a well-practised and experienced luthier. Playing and teaching guitar for years as well as performing in his band, Lewis knows all there is to know about guitars. LT Custom Guitars build guitars from scratch and needed a logo and website to show off their highly professional work. Lewis had a logo design in mind so he told us his vision and what he required. We worked together to come up with a finalised design that he could use to advertise his business.

Once the logo was complete we began work on the website. A dark themed website was preferable with accents of the gold colour for some classy-ness. We decided on an alternating black and photo overlay panel design which made white text legible and easy to read. This theme design helped showcase more of his work at the same time, not solely relying on a dedicated gallery. Furthermore, there is always something to look at when navigating the website. Because of the photo background panel design it keeps the user interested and wanting to see more. The dark theme also helps make the guitar photos stand out. This, along with a gallery section that presents multiple views of their high end products really enables the viewer to get a full image of what’s on offer.

String-ing it all together!

Links to social media were very important for LT Custom Guitars allowing quick access to social platforms where users can see even more of their work such as current projects in progress, a little bit about their process and other related material. In addition to the logo and website we have completed photo cut-out work and design for print on merchandise.

An extremely enjoyable project and one of a kind, we find it fascinating learning about our client’s products and businesses.

LT Custom Guitars, hand crafted electric guitars and bass guitars by professional luthier Lewis Trower