Narrative By Numbers

By Digital Fuse

Narrative by Numbers

Narrative by Numbers by Sam Knowles

Narrative by Numbers is a book authored by Sam Knowles. An accomplished and sought-after speaker for conferences on communication, marketing and data analytics. Sam was looking for a one page, responsive website that would help promote and sell his book. Branding and graphics were in place so this enabled us to come up with a design quickly. Furthermore it allowed us to focus directly on the site layout to give the user the information they needed.

We incorporated the supplied interactive elements such as animated video files and GIF animations. We also coded in some CSS3 animation. This gave the site an extra element of life however everything was carefully optimised. Optimisation is key especially when video and animations are concerned so file sizes don’t cause high page load times.

The navigation for a one page website acts somewhat differently to a standard website with multiple pages. Once a menu button is clicked, instead of taking you to a new page, it will take you down the page. This is coded with an ‘easing’ motion to swiftly and smoothy take you to the corresponding section of information. Its a nice fluid functionality that gives the site an easy and relaxed feel.

“Worked with Digital Fuse for four years and more now, designing websites and, updating, adding new features and functionality (micro podcast feed the most recent). Always very responsive, flexible, tenacious til the job’s done. Good, knowledgeable, creative resource. To be recommended. A hidden gem.”

- Sam Knowles - Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Podcaster
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