Royal Hippodrome Theatre

Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome Theatre

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre in Eastbourne opened in 1883. In 2019 the building was in receipt of a £500,000 grant from a local CIC to refurbish both the exterior and interior of the building.

With these new developments RHT came to us to commission a new logo and build a new and updated website. The core requirement was to highlight the upcoming shows and be straightforward for users to navigate and book tickets for. This would be a more streamlined system instead of customers visiting the theatre directly or calling over the phone.

In terms of design we wanted to embrace the historical significance of the building. Even though we were looking to modernise the functionality and usability of the website, we didn’t want to lose touch of the historical features because the theatre has a great history. We made sure elements from the architecture such as the ironworks, external fascia and rich internal colour schemes were used throughout the website where possible. This helped to compliment the building as much as possible.

One of the key aspects of the website was the events facility and enabling them to be quickly searched for. Also to be categorised and accessed easily by the customer as well as the administrator populating the website. We ensured that with the redesign, the key needs of the events facility were fulfilled and the structure was overhauled. Automation was also introduced to cut down on excess admin and repetition of population.

These features, combined with the website being housed within a scalable and responsive framework, enabled the website to display perfectly from laptop and tablets through to mobiles.

The end result was a fantastic project that Digital Fuse are very proud to have been able to work on!

Event based websites by Digital Fuse in Eastbourne