Sussex Food & Drink Awards

Sussex Food & Drink Awards, awarding food produces, chefs and more!

Sussex Food & Drink Awards is managed by Natural Partnerships Community Interest Company (CIC). Hilary Knight and Paula Seager the co-directors were looking for a new website to help them promote the Sussex Food & Drink Awards. To showcase the local companies in the food and drink industry along with local farmers and producers. The site was also to highlight the sponsors of the non-profit organisation. We began to design a website that would look attractive and appealing and present the information in a straightforward format.

The branding has a deep, plum shade of purple so we combined that with a light green and a neutral semi-opaque white background for the website pages. The box layout is designed to allow the backdrop photo to partially come through between the content boxes. A big part of the website functionality is the voting system. Allowing users to vote in the annual competition. The new, simpler structure and functionality makes it easier than ever to place votes for your chosen categories.

The front end looked great and worked well however, requiring regular content changes, the backend interface design is equally as important. A few days of hard work on the build enabled us to get it live quickly. Made up of panel features and draggable content elements, this site is a dream to edit!

The Sussex Food and Drink Awards website built by Digital Fuse