Websites for Trade businesses - plumbers, builders, electricians, window cleaners and more

Why is it essential for people to have a trade website?

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Having a business with no website, is like having a computer with no screen!

If you’re a tradesperson running your own business whether you’re an electrician, plumber, gardener, landscaper, window cleaner or builder you will need a website to help spread your reputation. You may not have considered the benefits of having a website. Or you’ve just tried to avoid dealing with a computer! We can help you with a nice, brand new trade website.

There are numerous benefits to having a modern, visually appealing and quick loading website, which are as follows:

Getting ahead of your competition

One of the first things we do is find out where you’re based and where your target client area is. We’ll take this information and optimise your website with carefully chosen keywords and search terms. Keywords and search terms that your potential customers are likely searching for. This will help increase the chances of you appearing in their search results.

This will help you to get your business in front of your chosen audience. Furthermore it will also help you push past your competitors who may not be using keywords or using irrelevant keywords.

Give your business a professional image

By having a website that showcases who you are and what you do, you project a professional impression about your business. This also helps establish trust and shows your customers that you’re reputable and established. You can also highlight any certifications, qualifications or awards you’ve received for your services. Helping to strengthen your position as a qualified professional in your industry.

Showcase your previous projects

At Digital Fuse we’re strong believers that a picture speaks a thousand words. So by showing high quality images of recently completed projects you can clearly illustrate to your potential customers how the quality and standard of your work sets you apart from the rest. Just makes sure that you tidy up your packed lunch first. Or at least remove it from view when taking the photograph. You won’t believe how many photos we’ve been sent with crisp packets and water bottles in the frame!

Testimonials from previously satisfied customers

A customer’s testimonial can work wonders for your business. Potential customers hearing directly from previously satisfied clients can see first-hand the benefits of working with you and your business. By showing that you have worked with real people previously and that they are happy enough to talk positively about your business and services, you’ll have another brick to add to your foundation of trust!

Let us ‘turbo boost’ your trade website!

Ask us some questions using the form at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in a website package or interested in speaking to one of our team for more info. Have a website that will help make your business shine and show that you value your business.

Here is a link to a trade website we built recently – – The owner new exactly what he wanted and he wanted it quick. We were able to get this project completed to his liking within just a few days!