How to be Insightful

By Digital Fuse

How to Be Insightful

A new WordPress site for another book in the series

Sam has completed yet another book which explores the ways in which a person can learn and harness insightful thinking.

Sam came back to us for a brand new website, similar to his previous book’s Narrative by Numbers. A new, one page website outlining some important points and promoting the book. Backed up by some awesome graphics Sam supplied, we were able to create a really engaging website. Full of movement and colour, the How to be Insightful website feels like its alive and kicking!

As this was to become a one page website we needed to think about optimisation and loading speeds. As a result we decided on a textured green background for the header but a flat green for the rest of the panels.

The textured feel will still come across from incorporating the awesome little graphics that Sam had commissioned for the book cover.

As the graphics that Sam supplied were so fun and unique we really wanted to see them in action! For How to be Insightful we decided to really push our CSS3 animation skills. Animating the graphics based on what they represent has really helped make the site stand out. It was totally worth the hours fiddling with CSS keyframe animation, which can be very complex but create a super effective outcome.

“Worked with Digital Fuse for four years and more now, designing websites and, updating, adding new features and functionality (micro podcast feed the most recent). Always very responsive, flexible, tenacious til the job’s done. Good, knowledgeable, creative resource. To be recommended. A hidden gem.”

- Sam Knowles - Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Podcaster
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